Shutter Island

Ok, I know I promised to write about Mystic River, and I will, but I just finished Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane, and OMG…it was amazing. I actually liked it more than Mystic River, mainly because it messes with you head more…so…onto the review! Basic plot: The year is 1954. U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels and … Continue reading Shutter Island

Book Pile Up

OK…so since The Casual Vacancy I’ve read Pets in a Pickle Mystic River (which will get it’s own review) Zoo City Magic for Beginners Stranger Things Happen I really enjoyed all these books, especially Pets in a Pickle, Mystic River and Zoo City. Pets in a Pickle was really a smart choice to read after … Continue reading Book Pile Up

The Casual Vacancy

Ok, so this post has been stewing for a while now, I’ve actually on my 3rd book since reading this one. It’s just taken a little while to really organize my feelings for this book. Any way, The Casual Vacancy by JKR is about the small town (village really) of Pagford, England and what happens … Continue reading The Casual Vacancy


I was reading the reviews of JKR’s new book and a lot of them complained about the language in it. And it seems like I’ve been seeing this complaint more and more in book reviews. Why is this such an issue with people? How can you create a realistic world, how can you comment on … Continue reading Question


Dear JKR’s publisher, why is the ebook for her new book sooooo expensive? seriously, i’m not paying for paper, ink, covers, jackets and all that jazz, i’m paying for a DIGITAL copy of the book, that’s it, there should be little to no production cost for an ebook. So because of your ridiculous prices, I’m … Continue reading Grumble

The Retribution

The Retribution by Val McDermid was a free friday book last week on I was actually pretty excited about it because it seemed like it was going to be a pretty decent read compared to the stuff BN has been offering lately. And I turned out to be right, also, since it’s a British … Continue reading The Retribution