So, I am sending a post via email… Honestly I think this is pretty strange. I never really understood the whole post by email thing, I have the wordpress app on my phone, wordpress is bookmarked on all my computers etc etc. Using these methods I don’t have to worry about shortcodes and all that … Continue reading Why?

Bear, Mr. Bear

This week’s writing challenge is very fitting, I think, because my birthday is in about a month. That also means that my favorite, and most meaningful possession is also going to be turning 24 in about a month. Mr. Bear is a stuffed bear that I have literally had all my life. My Grandmother loves … Continue reading Bear, Mr. Bear


So I’m still thinking about the Sound of Blogging writing¬†challenge¬†and I got to thinking about the sounds of words…unless you make a daily habit of reading out loud (which I don’t unless it’s poetry) you really miss out on how awesome some words really sound (kind of like Cellar Door). The best word ever to … Continue reading Nautical